About Us

There’s a great saying that says, “Home is where the heart is.”  Well, Villa Louise epitomizes the essence of what a home is all about.  Our family,  Flaminio, Louise, Fosca and Ivan, are what one would term Global Nomads.  We don’t use this term lightly, as the we really have been ‘nomadic’ until finding our ‘home’, Villa Louise.  As we still live around the world, (the Middle East, Holland and England), we at least now have our home away from home in beautiful Italy which we share with our friends and guests.

Villa Louise is the passion and soul of the perfect Poltronieri space.  Nestled among olive trees and gentle rolling hills, a near-perfect Umbrian landscape, a more idyllic setting in Umbria would be hard to find.  The Villa is surrounded by carefully manicured gardens and with the entire family’s help, our dream house has blossomed into a reality. Our home is a haven where our family spend time together, where we share our passion for music, art, good wine and food, and the beautiful surroundings of Italy.


Villa Louise is where the weary traveller can find peace, where the artist, architect or writer may find new inspiration to create a new masterpiece, where the musician can practise and create on our piano, or where a family can simply enjoy a holiday in comfort and beautiful surroundings.  Villa Louise  is a family home away from home.