Seduction in Italy


Do you want to be seduced?

Visit Il Cavaliere  and experience the subtle and unforgettable seduction of your palate!

Il Cavaliere Restaurant  was born in 1996 to the Martellini family.

Francesco, one of the chefs, and co-owner, is a formidable artist and the masterpieces he creates, begs one to return again and again.  Every dish promises to dazzle the senses, as it is created with love and passion, which is Francesco’s trademark!

The art of seduction is synonymous with Italy, Italian food, Italian wines, Italian men, and Italy Itself !

Il Cavaliere Restaurant is approximately 30kms from Villa Louise, and situated in Foligno.

Francesco and his friendly and professional staff welcomes one into his ‘sacred space, where authentic Umbrian cuisine promises a true gourmet experience, and a lingering feeling of sheer pleasure afterwards.

The menu is extensive and varied.


The Tiramisu promises to put you under its spell.  The experience is light and creamy.  The delicate ladyfingers have been lightly dipped in strong expresso coffee, and is followed by the subtle taste of a tantalizing liquor, while next an explosion of chocolate fills your mouth.

Pere al Sagrantino con gelato alla Vaniglia

The curvaceous pear poached in Sagrantino wine, served with vanilla ice cream, is firstly a delight for the eye, immediately followed by a fusion of delicate flavors melting in the mouth.


The Bohemian of the barnyard, as Edward Balfour referred to the guinea fowl, or as it is known in Italian, the faraona.  It transported me back to the African bush,  where at dusk the call of the guineafowl, invoked melancholic memories of Africa.

Francesco’s guineafowl  was delicately prepared and served with a creamy truffle sauce, which did not overwhelm the gamy and silky texture of the meat.  It was beautifully presented with a rich beetroot cream and adorned with green pistachio.

Lamb and Carciofi

The lamb and artichoke arrived with much flair on a beautiful black plate!  The tender lamb, with a subtle hint of rosemary, was carefully prepared in white wine and capers, and melted in the mouth,  while  served with young artichokes.


Polenta!  Hate it or love it!  Myth surrounds the proper preparation of this staple food, which is basically ground cornmeal.  Marcella Hasan described preparing polenta as a ‘ritual, eating it is like receiving a sacrament”.  Francesco’s secret is that he uses only a specific type of corn (La Meliga ) with only eight rows of yellow kernels.  It is served with sausage prepared in sagrantino wine and a creamy Gorgonzola sauce.  The initial explosion of flavors in the mouth, leads to an eventual surrender to ‘receiving the sacrament’.

Cappello alla Carbonara

Carbonara is a family favorite, though the Capello della Carbonara, is not the traditional dish.  Francesco flirted with perfection in creating the Capello filled with egg and pancetta.  The carbonara was presented with grilled bacon and flakes of Grana Padana parmesan on top.  Overall, the dish was harmonious, rich and hearty.

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devout our attention to eating” – Luciano Pavarotti.

Eating well is part of the Italian culture, and possibly the most anticipated part of the day!  Eating well is a must, it is an art, it is everything!

Life is full of unexpected surprises!  Often we secretly wish for something exciting to happen, something out of the ordinary.
When that wish comes true, that is the real surprise!
The fantasy and unforgettable dishes Francesco creates, are some of those real surprises come true.  Il Cavaliere promises not to be just another restaurant and has been a family favorite for many years.  We return again and again, as we are lured by the excellent food, the friendly and professional staff, the warm, yet understated ambiance.

The Ducciochi red wine were one of the many surprises unfolding.  Only 1197 bottles were produced.  The ruby red liquid left a positive and distinctive taste, which improved as the night progressed.
More and more surprises followed the welcoming Prosecco.


1) Prosciutto (delicate, well matured for 24 months) served with heart of burrata, with a tease of lard on bruschetta, plus some carpaccio di maiale with balsamic (balsamic a touch overwhelming).

2) Divine Gorgonzola pear and speck

3) Delicate artichoke and cheese fondue

4) Tarese – Lombo di maiale


1) Tortello di faraona.   Delicate and silky faraona or guineafowl, prepared in sage and butter, adorned with parmesan flakes and decorated with a rich beetroot cream.

Lastly,  we completed the gastronomical experience with an espresso and some grappa

Is this a typical food review?


However,  this is an honest and personal experience while we enjoyed a special evening at Il Cavaliere.  What rating does Il Cavaliere merit according to Villa Louise?  A Michelin rating,  a Gault Millau – ,  a Gambero Rosso -,  a La Liste -, The Good Food Guide rating?  Did we set out to look shaply behind every corner and decorum?  Were every dish faultlessly prepared?  Will the professional food critics approve of our views?

Villa Louise simply says, “I am not a food critic, or a chef, or even a professional writer.  What I am schooled in the art of, however, is enjoying myself”.   Jewel Staite

Il Cavaliere seduces, surprises and satisfies again and again!!!

Special prices for Villa Louise’s guests !

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